Studying Chemistry


Why chemistry?

In general, chemistry is the science which aims to study the structure and transformations of matter, whether inert or living. Its scope is vast, bridging the gap between physics and biology. An important part of chemistry is the preparation of new substances, organic or inorganic (synthesis). However, at the heart of the modern science lies a detailed understanding of the properties of matter. Chemical analysis is also crucial, in direct connection with the environmental science and medicine.


Career opportunities

As a chemist, you will find jobs at all stages of your training. At bachelor level, you'll use your knowledge in technical sales (e.g. in marketing of high-tech devices) in the field of patents (e.g. in a consulting office) or as starting point for a master’s in another discipline. At master level, you can apply your expertise in all fields of chemistry in industry, production analysis, and sometimes in research. Obtaining a master’s degree is a crucial passage for the PhD which opens the door to industrial or academic research. Teaching gymnasium also requires obtaining a master’s.


Why Fribourg?

Research and education are linked

Our research groups are actively involved in teaching. Any student will be working within these groups during the advanced hands-on trainings, especially in the master’s program. Therefore, personal and flexible assistance is offered, ensuring optimal conditions during all of your studies.


Trilingual education

Bachelor courses are taught in French and German, master’s and PhD courses in English.


A personal environment

In Fribourg, the number of tutors, assistants and teachers per student is particularly high. At any time you will find someone to assist you.


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