Fromm group

Coordination Chemistry for (Nano-bio-)materials

We "play" with the elements of the periodic table in order to generate (mixed) metal clusters as precursors for oxide materials, coordination polymers as antimicrobial coatings for implant materials and optical applications, and nanomaterials and -containers for conducting devices. Our research is highly interdisciplinary and spreads from physics via materials science, biology and microbiology over to medicine. Our preferred preparative and analytical tools are Schlenk lines, microwave ovens, autoclaves and incubators, as well as single crystal and powder diffractometers, electronic microscopies, NMR and confocal microscopes. The Fromm group is always looking for motivated, open-minded students for Master works and more...
To find out more about our research interests and publications or to check the latest news and openings, please visit our website.

Katharina Fromm

Phone:+41 26 300 8732
Chemin du Musée 9
CH-1700 Fribourg

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